Welcome to our website.
High Altitude Rhubarb grows and sells
organically-certified rhubarb, rhubarb
plants and horseradish plants.
Rhubarb is available exclusively via
an annual pick-your-own harvest.
Plants are sold via email for pickup
at the farm.

The June 8 harvest was a big success.
We’re sold out of rhubarb for 2024.
Our thanks to all who attended.
CONTACT US via email to join the harvest
announcement list and stay up-to-date on
future harvest plans.

The 2024 plant sale is also over.
We’re sold out of all plants.
Please CONTACT US via email to receive
announcements of the 2025 plant sale.

High Altitude Rhubarb is an organically certified, Real Organic certified, family operated, pick-your-own farm. We areCertified Organic by OneCert located between Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.  We grow/sell fresh rhubarb and rhubarb and horseradish plants.  Other products are normally on sale at the farm during the public harvest, such as local honey, rhubarb cookbooks, rhubarb seeds and products made commercially from our rhubarb.  See Products for a more detailed description of our own products.

The public harvest is a festive event and normally occurs the first weekend in June. No appointment is needed to participate in the public harvest. No admission is charged. See Pick-Your-Own for more details.  The farm offers numerous varieties of organic rhubarb. Contact us if you wish to pick 200+ pounds for a business and we can arrange a date/time.