The 2021 Harvest has been postoned. Mother Nature was particulary ornery this year.
May 29th hailstorm destroyed the first harvest.  Possibility of a harvest toward end of June.

For more information about the harvest…what to bring, etc…visit Pick-Your-Own

Contact us via email to join the harvest announcement list and keep up-to-date with this and all future harvest plans.

We are already sold out of rhubarb and horseradish plants. 
Send email to join the 2022 plant sale announcement list or to get horseradish plants this year.

Since 2008, rhubarb was available via a pick-your-own festival.  In 2020, however, the pandemic forced us to adopt a different process.  A crew consisting of mostly volunteers picked it and we pre-sold it in bundles of 5 lbs. at our website   It is not certain how the 2021 harvest will best be conducted but if you join our harvest announcement list, you’ll know what is decided.

Certified Organic by OneCert

Certified by OneCert

High Altitude Rhubarb is an organically certified, family operated, pick-your-own farm located between Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. The public harvest is a festive event and normally occurs the first weekend in June. Commercial picking (200+ lbs) is by appointment only and is hosted the Friday preceding the public harvest. No appointment is needed to participate in the public harvest. No admission is charged. The farm offers numerous varieties of organic rhubarb, rhubarb plants, horseradish plants, rhubarb seeds, rhubarb cookbooks and unfiltered Colorado honey. Picnic tables and mowed grassy areas are available.  A small quantity of our rhubarb will be non-organic in 2021 and will be clearly identified as such.  (We had to use herbicides after some plants went dormant in 2020.  Hopefully never again.  Nothing was sprayed on the rhubarb plants.)