Fresh rhubarb is sold annually during the pick-your-own harvest, normally the first weekend in June.  We will gladly pick rhubarb for the handicapped.  There is no cPIck-Your-Own picker relaxing on pile of fresh produceharge for admission and no need for an appointment on harvest weekend.   You pay only for what you decide to buy.  Check the weather and your email before you leave for the farm…Mother Nature sometimes forces plans to change with short notice.

Harvest typically lasts only one weekend.  See the beginning of the Home page for current harvest plans and/or left-click here to join the noticateion list and request email updates of harvest plans.  The list is the best way to keep abreast of harvest plans.

What You Should Bring to the Harvest

  1. Bags/Boxes in which to take your rhubarb home.
  2. Appropriate clothing:  Please be prepared to be in full sunlight in the open fields.  We recommend you wear sensible shoes (tennis shoes, hiking boots…), sun block, hats, etc. Lightweight gloves for delicate skin.
  3. Fun spirit:  The harvest environment is a big party.  Rhubarb-folks tend to be nice and know how to have a good time!
  4. No knives:  Please do not bring knives for the harvest.  You won’t need them.  We will remove the leaves for you and the stalks are best pulled not cut.  We’ll be happy to show you how to pull rhubarb.
  5. Common sense:  You will be on a working farm, albeit a small one.  Please exercise due caution while here.  We won’t leave pitch forks around but there are hazards to being outside, around metal fences, gopher holes, trees, farm equipment, etc..

Optional Things to Bring

  1. Food/beverages, picnic blankets, picnic lunch:  We have several picnic tables and lots of mowed, open areas for blankets.  If bringing food then you may wish to bring something to clean your hands as we have no wash facilities generally available.
  2. Friends, neighbors, children…it is a party atmosphere.


What We Provide       

  • Rhubarb to pick, several varieties, sold by the pound
  • Baskets and wagons to organize your rhubarb, keep track of it, during the harvest
  • Leaf removal (again, please don’t bring your own knives)
  • Complementary rhubarb treats:  Donna always prepares numerous dishes for your enjoyment.  Dennis makes rhubarb tea, time permitting.
  • Complementary beverages:  bottles of water and, while they last, teas and sodas.
  • Picnic tables with umbrellas, benches and chairs for your rest and relaxation.
  • Instructions on picking rhubarb and answers to any rhubarb or horseradish questions we know.
  • Tours of the farm and explanations of our varieties and options
  • Picking your rhubarb:  If you are unable to pick your own rhubarb we will be happy to pick it for you
  • A porta-poddy and hand-cleaning station

Parking is available along both sides of the Wildridge Rd. and  up by the barn/house.  “No Parking signs will be posted at the nearby blind intersection.  Handicap parking is available. Drive straight up the driveway, take the left branch, about halfway to the house, and drive the harvest tents.