This page is a directory to the other pages and their content. The Home page offers an overview of the farm and details of the next harvest. The content of the other pages are as follows:

Pick-Your-Own describes the facilities and details of what to expect at the Harvest Festival, including what to bring and not bring.

Recipes defines some unique and tasty uses of rhubarb that we’re confident you’ll enjoy. It also provides important information about cooking rhubarb.

Gallery offers photos of harvest weekends organized by year as well as miscellaneous farm activities such as public tours and farmer’s markets.

History of Rhubarb describes the introduction and current uses of rhubarb into human society.  You may be surprised to learn that rhubarb was primarily a medicine throughout virtually all of the 5000 years of documented use.

Growing Rhubarb provides general information about the climate and nutritional needs of rhubarb.  Sub-pages address related topics:

Our Organic Technology contains descriptions and photos of our planting and growing practices.

Rhubarb Varieties contains photos and descriptions of the most important varieties grown here.

Phases of Rhubarb Growth provides a photographic record of the annual growth cycle of rhubarb.

Products enumerates our products, with sub-pages for rhubarb, horseradish and seeds/plants.

Freezing & Storage explains various ways of preserving rhubarb beyond its normal shelf life, including drying and freezing.

Nutrition summarizes rhubarb’s contributions to your nourishment.

About describes the history of the farm, its location and other general information.

Contact Us provides our address, email address and phone number.